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Path to Math and Reading
When I was a little girl in elementary school, I didn’t understand math. I still remember my frustration. In junior high, I began to understand that math is about patterns and strategies, not about memorization. Many years later I attended a workshop with Mary Laycock that changed my life. In her workshop I learned that math ideas could be understood through manipulatives, visuals and games. In my CMC workshop you will see how to use abacus style Visual Math™ Number Pictures and 16 math thinking strategies so your students can escape the frustrations I felt when I was their age. With your help, your students will be able to use these tools, not only to master the basic addition and subtraction facts, but also to use these same strategies to understand many other math ideas. You will also learn games and magic tricks so that your students will be able to practice the facts in a pleasant and “sticky” way.