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David J. Cooper

Rabbi & Social Activist
Rabbi David J. Cooper is co-founder of Kehilla Community Synagogue and now serves the shul as Rabbi Emeritus.  In addition to his two decades of work as a congregational rabbi, he is a social activist and a liturgist.  Active in the Jewish Renewal movement, he grew up in Brooklyn where he was a Hebrew day school student and regularly attended Orthodox, Conservative and Reform services.  He characterizes his theology as somewhere between Spinoza and M. Kaplan.  One of his areas of interest is making spirituality accessible to people who do not define themselves as God-believers. Kehilla is a spiritually-oriented socially activist congregation which seeks to be accessible both to those who have little Jewish expertise as well as those with a deep Jewish background.  It endeavors to include both theists as well as agnostics and atheists as spiritually active participants.
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