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Friday, June 28


The Physics of Tennis
There is science in tennis.  Come to learn how.

avatar for Shmuel Goldberg

Shmuel Goldberg

Physicist and Inventor
Physicist and Inventor. 

Friday June 28, 2019 2:30pm - 3:40pm
Russian River Valley (Student Center, 2nd Floor)


Black Holes Don't Suck (At Least, No More than Regular Objects)
They are big, scary and far away - what is a black hole?  How do we even know black holes exist?  How are black holes created?  And finally - WHAT can become a black hole?

avatar for Moshe Elitzur

Moshe Elitzur

Astrophysicist and Astronomer
Moshe is a retired professor of physics and astronomy. He likes to ponder the mysteries of the Universe, which he can comprehend, and of human nature, which he cannot.

Friday June 28, 2019 9:20pm - 10:30pm
Darwin 102
Saturday, June 29


Brainfulness: A Short Guide Into the Origin of Mental Illness
A short guide into the origin of mental illness.

avatar for Michael Levin

Michael Levin

Psychopharmacologist, Lyra Health
Michael Levin holds an M.S. degree in Pharmacology from the New York Medical College and a M.D. degree from the NYU School of Medicine. After his pediatric training, Dr. Levin completed a two-year training at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute in developmental-behavioral medicine... Read More →

Saturday June 29, 2019 2:20pm - 3:30pm
Darwin 102


Satellites and Rockets, Explained
Rockets of today are a remarkable collection of human ingenuity, science and technology of the past 120 years, with roots in Russia, the US, Romania and Germany.

Times change. Satellite launches, a monopoly of governments in the past, have shifted to the private sector.  Really outstanding in this sense was a launch to the moon by an Israeli non-profit public organization SpaceIL.

In this presentation, we will cover the origins of space flight, early flights to space, highlight Saturn 5 and the Apollo programs, and learn about modern rockets, reusable rockets, 3G printed rockets and launches from aircrafts.

Time permitting, we may launch a rocket of our own - using a water filled soda bottle!

avatar for Shmuel Goldberg

Shmuel Goldberg

Physicist and Inventor
Physicist and Inventor. 

Saturday June 29, 2019 8:00pm - 9:10pm
Darwin 102
Sunday, June 30


Can You Dig It? New Technologies and Recent Discoveries in the Archaeology of Ancient Israel
In the last ten years, the archaeology of ancient Israel has been revolutionized by the use of new technologies for locating archaeological sites, and recovering and analyzing evidence from the past.  This led to remarkable discoveries about past lives and lifeways in ancient Israel and the southern Levant more broadly.  Come learn about recent exciting finds from drone-based reconnaissance, 3D scanning and mapping, and ancient DNA and stable isotope analysis.

avatar for Alexis Boutin

Alexis Boutin

Bioarcheologist and Anthropologist
Dr. Boutin is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Sonoma State University.  She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008.  Her research focuses on ancient Near Eastern, Gulf, and eastern Mediterranean cultures, which she has... Read More →

Sunday June 30, 2019 9:30am - 10:40am
Darwin 102


A Jewish Genetic History
Family and even population history can be encoded and decoded in our very own DNA.  In this class, we'll do a brief exploration of Jewish genetic history.  We'll start with basic principles of genetic inheritance.  Then we'll use these to talk about the genetic history of the Jewish populations of Europe, the Middle East and even India.  Finally we'll connect this unique history to our genetic future and talk about disease risk.  

avatar for Natalie Telis

Natalie Telis

Genetics and Biomedical Informatics
Natalie Telis is a scientist studying the genetic link between human history and the human past. Originally from the Bay Area, she graduated from Kehillah Jewish High School in 2009.  She completed her BA in Mathematics and her BS in Cell Biology at UC Davis, then got her PhD in... Read More →

Sunday June 30, 2019 1:20pm - 2:30pm
Darwin 102