avatar for Don Abramson

Don Abramson

Ecstatic Movement
avatar for George Altshuler

George Altshuler

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for Emanuel Ben-David

Emanuel Ben-David

Rabbi & Engineer
avatar for David Blumberg

David Blumberg

Blumberg Capital
VC, US and Israeli Technology
avatar for Alexis Boutin

Alexis Boutin

Bioarcheologist and Anthropologist
avatar for Bradley Caro Cook

Bradley Caro Cook

Career Up Now & Growth Exponential
Social Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker
avatar for David J. Cooper

David J. Cooper

Rabbi & Social Activist
avatar for Ofra Daniel

Ofra Daniel

Jewish Circle Theater
Artistic Director
avatar for Raphael Danziger

Raphael Danziger

AIPAC and Near East Report
Editor-in Chief Emeritus, Author and Commentator
avatar for Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz

Lawyer & Political Commentator
avatar for Moshe Elitzur

Moshe Elitzur

Astrophysicist and Astronomer
avatar for Janice Farber

Janice Farber

Human Interest, Interviewer
avatar for Mollie Feldman

Mollie Feldman

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for Alissa Flores

Alissa Flores

Psychotherapist & Spiritual Director
avatar for Emily Freed

Emily Freed

Organic Farmer
avatar for Dale Friedman

Dale Friedman

Genealogy Researcher
avatar for Alex Furmansky

Alex Furmansky

Startups & Playful Tech
avatar for Aviva Lauer Golbert

Aviva Lauer Golbert

avatar for Elena Gold

Elena Gold

Creative Self-Expression Coach
avatar for Shmuel Goldberg

Shmuel Goldberg

Physicist and Inventor
avatar for Elina Golder

Elina Golder

Artist, Marketer and Business Developer
avatar for Ami Goodman

Ami Goodman

Physician & Songleader
avatar for Estee Solomon Gray

Estee Solomon Gray

Judaism Unbound
Senior Fellow
avatar for Susan Hamlin

Susan Hamlin

Family Therapist
avatar for Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Jewish Educator and Podcaster
avatar for Marilyn Heiss

Marilyn Heiss

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for Emily JK Holtzman

Emily JK Holtzman

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for David Kasher

David Kasher

Jewish Educator
avatar for Ya'ara Keydar

Ya'ara Keydar

Fashion Historian and Curator
avatar for Michal Kohane

Michal Kohane

Leader & Educator
avatar for Joel Landau

Joel Landau

Rabbi & Educator
avatar for Wendie Bernstein Lash

Wendie Bernstein Lash

Spiritual Director & Spiritual Entrepreneur
avatar for Daniel Lehmann

Daniel Lehmann

Graduate School Educator
avatar for Noam Vered Lerman

Noam Vered Lerman

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for Michael Levin

Michael Levin

Lyra Health
avatar for Greg Marcus

Greg Marcus

American Mussar
Mussar Facilitator and Future Rabbi
avatar for Daniel Matt

Daniel Matt

Translator of the Zohar
avatar for Chaia May

Chaia May

Singer & Musician
avatar for Yonatan Melamed

Yonatan Melamed

Jewish Non-Profit Professional
avatar for Mimi Micner

Mimi Micner

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for Jen Myzel

Jen Myzel

Singer-songwriter, Activist and a Music Teacher
avatar for Ali Paris

Ali Paris

avatar for Jonah Peretz-Lange

Jonah Peretz-Lange

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for Avi Rose

Avi Rose

Social Justice Advocate
avatar for Vicky Rybka

Vicky Rybka

Enneagram Coach & Musician
avatar for Jamie Schwartz

Jamie Schwartz

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for Helaine Sheias

Helaine Sheias

Yoga Therapist
avatar for Roslyn Sholin

Roslyn Sholin

Accidental Curator & Creativity Educator
avatar for Henry Shreibman

Henry Shreibman

Religion & Philosophy, Educator
avatar for Abraham Sofaer

Abraham Sofaer

Former US District Judge & Legal Adviser to the Department of State
avatar for Marian Scheuer Sofaer

Marian Scheuer Sofaer

Attorney & Book Editor
avatar for Aliza Grayevsky Somekh

Aliza Grayevsky Somekh

Epicurean and Chef
avatar for Natalie Telis

Natalie Telis

Genetics and Biomedical Informatics
avatar for Flora Tsapovsky

Flora Tsapovsky

Food and Culture Journalist
avatar for Jenna Stein Turow

Jenna Stein Turow

Pardes-Kevah Fellow
avatar for David Weinberg

David Weinberg

Attorney, Mediation and Collaborative Law
avatar for Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

Composer & Conductor
avatar for Jonathan Wolf

Jonathan Wolf

YASHAR: the institute for Jewish Activism
Social Activism & Innovative Jewish Learning
avatar for Peretz Wolf-Prusan

Peretz Wolf-Prusan

Rabbi and Educator
avatar for Larry Yermack

Larry Yermack

Meditation Teacher